Automatic Belt Tensioner Nissan 2.5L 4Cyl 534035910

Removal and Installation



Always install tensioner per vehicle manufacturer’s guidelines. 

Remove the plastic engine splash shield from right side wheel well. 

Locate and take note of the under hood belt routing diagram. If missing, sketch a diagram on a piece of paper for reference to be used later. 

To remove the serpentine belt, use a 14mm box end wrench to rotate the tensioner arm in the clockwise direction (Figure 1). Remove serpentine belt. 

Note: Be careful that the 14mm wrench is properly positioned on tensioner pulley bolt to allow clearance when tensioner reaches load (end) stop. Otherwise, your hand may be pinched or the tool may be trapped. Never cut or pry belt off while under tension. 

Remove the two tensioner mounting bolts (12mm head) and remove tensioner assembly from engine (Figure 2).

Tech Tips

Removal of the right side wheel will give you better access to the tensioner. Always remember when re-installing the wheel, torque wheel nuts to manufactures specs in a criss-cross pattern. 

Caution: If lifting the vehicle, always use approved lifting methods (ie: vehicle hoist or jack and axle stands)

You can remove the tensioner pulley from the old tensioner to gain access to the upper tensioner bolt. This will give you a bit more room to remove the upper bolt with your fingers. 

Do not remove the pulley from the new tensioner as the threads for the pulley bolt are one time use threads and may fail if removed and retorqued. 

To aid in removal/installation of the belt you can insert a “stubby” Phillips screwdriver (from the back) into the retaining boss holes in tensioner body (Figure 1). This will hold the tensioner in the belt removal/installation position and will allow you to have your hands free of the belt during steps #4 and #9. 

Remember to remove the “Phillips” screwdriver from the tensioner once the belt is installed.