Honda/Acura 3.0/3.2/3.5L V6 Automatic Belt Tensioner 534021910

Removal and Installation


Note: With this tensioner, the dust shield and 2 mounting bolts are not included with the part. When replacing the tensioner you must reuse existing dust shield and bolts. 

Always install tensioner per vehicle manufacturer’s guidelines. 

Note: Look for OE belt routing diagram located under hood or on front support panel. If unavailable, make simple sketch to aid reinstallation prior to belt removal. 

Remove and relocate the power steering fluid reservoir to gain access to the tensioner. 

Observe the method for lifting the tensioner away from the belt. Always use appropriate tools. Be careful that the wrench, or socket and breaker bar is properly positioned to allow clearance when tensioner reaches load (end) stop. Otherwise, your hand may be pinched or the tool may be trapped. Never cut or pry belt off while under tension. 

Loosen the belt by rotating the tensioner. Remove the belt. After removing the belt, place the tensioner in its free position. 

Remove lower tensioner mounting bolt (12mm head), completely loosen main tensioner bolt (14mm head) located in the center of the idler pulley, but do not remove bolt from tensioner. To remove tensioner from engine compartment, turn the tensioner ¼ turn and lift straight up past the frame. 

Note: Original equipment bolt(s) and dust shield to be re-used.

Ensure that tensioner mounting surface is clean and free of debris before installing new tensioner. 

Install existing main tensioner bolt (14mm head) and dust shield into the new tensioner. 

Note: Dust shield position must not be reversed. To install the tensioner into position, lower tensioner past the frame rail and then turn ¼ turn into the mounting position. Tighten main mounting bolt (14mm head) finger tight only. Next install the lower mounting bolt (12mm head) and torque to spec (16ft.lbs). Now torque the main mounting bolt (14mm head) to spec (33 ft lbs). 

With proper tool engaged in the tensioner, rotate the tensioner and install the belt as per original layout. 

Ensure the belt is properly seated in all pulley grooves and routed correctly. Start engine for 30 seconds, shut off, and re-check that the belt is seated and tracking properly.