FAG Bearings webinar

8/17/17 / Product Announcements / REPXPERT Events / Press Releases

FAG Bearings webinar

Covering the FAG bearings and seals products Technical Trainer Mike Geul held a live webinar on October 19th, 2017.

Training services expanded – technical training in the USA performs second webinar

To reach even more garage professionals, our Aftermarket colleagues in the USA are conducting knowledge transfer, as part of the digitalization process in a new way. In July, our first series of webinar technical training events was launched in Valley City.

Mike Geul conducted the second of three planned webinars for mechanics, instructors and vocational students in collaboration with Babcox Media, the most recognized publisher on the US Aftermarket. Mike is Team Leader of Technical Service of the Aftermarket business division in the USA. He not only displays targeted product expertise in his seminar, he brings 20 years of experience in the automotive industry to bear as well. He has been working for our company since 2014, after a long career in professional racing and work as an automotive mechanic for original-equipment and independent repair garages.

The new series of webinars will be on three subjects. The first event was about the functionality, diagnosis and repair of the LuK dual-mass flywheel (DMF). The second webinar was performed on 19 October. The webinar covered FAG bearings. Overall this webinar was highly improved from our first presentation. Participants gave the FAG webinar a score of 4.30 which is better than the benchmark score for the industry of 4.13. American motor vehicle experts can find a host of technical service information about our products and repair solutions at the USA-specific REPXPERT online portal as well.