LuK Slave Cylinder

LuK Slave Cylinder

Maximum operating efficiency with minimal space requirements

Product description:

LuK builds hydraulic slave cylinders for semi-hydraulic clutch actuation systems. In semi-hydraulic systems the slave cylinder is usually located outside the transmission housing. It serves as an actuation device for the release shaft and fork. In this case, the slave cylinder is comprised of the housing, piston with sealing, a pre-charged spring and a bleed screw.

The housing is often made of plastic and the cylinder is protected from dirt by a rubber boot. The pre-charged spring applies constant preload pressure to the release bearing, allowing it to rotate with the clutch even if the release system is not under load. And it prevents unwanted noise creation from the bearings and the diaphragm spring fingers. The bleed screw simplifies flushing or filling the system during maintenance.


  • Weight optimized
  • Long service life
  • Few moving parts
  • Maximum operating efficiency with minimal space requirements
  • Low susceptibility to external influences

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