LuK Self-Adjusting Clutch (SAC)

LuK Self-Adjusting Clutch (SAC)

Ensures constant pedal effort over the entire service life of the clutch

Product description:​​​​​​​

When a clutch disc wears down, more pedal force is required to release the clutch. A self-adjusting clutch (SAC) provides automatic wear-adjustment and ensures that the force needed to press the clutch pedal remains low over the entire service life of the clutch.

The SAC's wear-adjustment is activated by a load sensor (in this case the sensor diaphragm spring) that turns a ramp ring. This adjustment mechanism keeps the force required for actuation low long-term, and increases the service life of the clutch by keeping it in an optimal wear position, while delivering outstanding driving comfort.

The clutch disc and pressure plate are precision-tuned to work together and should always be replaced together. For this reason, Schaeffler Automotive Aftermarket offers SAC applications only in their proven LuK RepSet line and not as a single pressure plate.

For installation, the SAC special tool from Schaeffler Automotive Aftermarket is helpful. It allows bolting the SAC clutch on without having to apply counterforce. Using this special tool for pre-tensioning prevents twisting of the adjusting ring in the clutch pressure plate. If the special tool is not used, the pressure plate can be damaged which will cause the clutch to malfunction.


  • Low release loads – that remain nearly constant over the service life of the clutch – guarantee long-term driving comfort
  • Increased wear reserves mean longer service life
  • Shorter pedal travel
  • A simplified release system design
  • Higher torque transfer with the same dimensions as a conventional clutch
  • OE quality

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