INA Timing Belt Kit

INA Timing Belt Kit

The all-in-one solution for the timing drive

Product description:

The timing belt guarantees exact timing of the combustion process in the engine, whether on long or short drives, in summer or winter. It precisely drives the camshaft so that the valves can open and close again at the right moment.

If the timing belt is worn, this exact timing is at risk. In a best-case scenario, the engine no longer produces full output; in a worst-case scenario complete engine failure can result. If the vehicle is old, this type of damage is no longer cost-efficient to repair.

For this reason, today’s repair shops usually replace all the belt-drive components to avoid high, follow-up costs. In contrast to the INA Tensioner Set, the INA Timing Belt Kit is delivered with the right timing belt as well, giving it everything it needs for complete replacement.

Note – if the water pump is also driven by the timing belt, it is advisable to replace it as well.


  • Individual parts made of high-quality materials
  • A repair solution using intelligent technology
  • All components for installation included and precision-tuned to work together perfectly
  • Proven OE quality from INA

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