FAG Release Bearing

FAG Release Bearing

The main power-transmission element of the clutch

Product description:

The release bearing is the connective element between the rotating clutch pressure plate on the engine side and the solid release mechanism on the transmission side.

To transfer release force to the clutch pressure plate, thrust ball bearings are used. Today’s release bearings are equipped with a radially-moving thrust ring which is held in exact position by a sleeve on the transmission side. This keeps it in an optimal central position in relation to the tip of the clutch’s diaphragm spring under all operating conditions. In this way, component wear is minimized.

Important here – always adhere to the defined pre-load applied to the tips of the diaphragm spring. The release bearing is subjected to high load and should be replaced whenever the clutch is repaired.


  • Maintenance-free – bearings are greased and permanently sealed
  • OE quality
  • Low noise
  • Flexible via angular-misalignment compensation

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