LuK RepSet 2CT

LuK RepSet 2CT

The repair solution for vehicles with a dry double clutch

Product description:

Double-clutch transmissions are becoming more important in the marketplace, and are being used by more vehicle manufacturers all the time.

The LuK RepSet 2CT is the practical repair solution for this technology. Besides a double clutch, it contains many necessary accessories like guide sleeves, snap rings, fastening screws, and engagement actuators – engagement levers and bearings.

For repairing a dry double clutch, special tools are required, and Schaeffler Automotive Aftermarket offers this as a modular system. This puts repair facilities in a position to repair the different double-clutch systems of each vehicle manufacturer.

But a word of caution here – repairing a dry double clutch cannot be compared to fixing a conventional clutch. That’s why Schaeffler Automotive Aftermarket completes this repair solution with a comprehensive training program, technical brochures, detailed repair instructions and a training video about removal and installation of the double clutch.

And by the way – besides double clutches, the portfolio also includes the appropriate DMF, also from LuK.


  • The only product of its kind for independent repair facilities
  • Modular tool system for current and future dry double-clutch systems
  • Garages are able to repair dry double-clutch systems fast, efficiently and professionally
  • Contains all components needed for replacing a dry double-clutch system
  • All parts are precision-tuned to work perfectly together
  • In proven OE quality
  • Sources for error are reduced
  • Creates cost benefits

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