LuK Solid Flywheel

LuK Solid Flywheel

The friction surface on the engine side of the clutch

Product description:

To ensure smooth engine operation, a large rotating mass – the flywheel – is mounted to the crankshaft. Its main function is to store kinetic energy briefly before releasing it smoothly and evenly.

But the flywheel also plays an important role in power transmission. It is part of the clutch assembly, and one of its sides serves as the friction coupling surface for the clutch linings.

The flywheel is subjected to extreme load. That’s why it’s essential when replacing a clutch to check the condition of the flywheel friction surface and the flywheel ring gear closely. If there are any doubts about wear, replace the flywheel.


  • Smooth engine operation
  • Absorbs heat well
  • Long service life

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