INA Tappet for High-Pressure Pump Systems

INA Tappet for High-Pressure Pump Systems

Fuel transport that’s fast and precise

Product description:

Modern direct-injection engines often use mechanical high-pressure pumps. These pumps deliver gasoline to the fuel rail at high pressures. An additional lobe on the camshaft presses the fuel into the rail. The flow rate is controlled using a volume control valve which opens without electric current for safety reasons.

The tappets should be replaced at the first sign of wear or damage to prevent damage to the camshaft and the high-pressure pump. INA Tappets for High-Pressure Pump Systems are the best choice because they transfer camshaft force to the pump pistons in the best possible way. INA’s long experience with sheet-metal forming guarantees highest component precision, product quality and service life – even at high injection pressures.

We recommend replacing the high-pressure pump when replacing the tappets.


  • Simple installation
  • The lowest friction via roller-bearing rollers
  • Lowers fuel consumption
  • Smooth operation for high injection pressures

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