FAG Hanger Bearing

FAG Hanger Bearing

FAG Hanger Bearings provide precise drive shaft alignment and support

Product description:

FAG Hanger Bearings perform the task of guiding and supporting shafts and axles with the least possible friction and wear. Bearings can be put under load in radial and/or axial direction. Rolling bearings can be designed to the requirements of any load. Hanger ball bearing units are developed to provide support and stabilization of a drive shaft.

FAG Hanger Bearings are engineered and built to provide precise driveshaft alignment and support under the harshest conditions. This vital driveline component also increases driveline integrity by absorbing and isolating vibration to protect the driveline and provide a smooth, comfortable ride.


  • Designed for easy installation and service
  • Seals and protects bearing from dirt, dust and moisture
  • Durable units with optimized metal housing
  • Reduced friction and wear
  • Isolates vibrations and protects the driveline

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