FAG Wheel Bearing 3rd Generation

FAG Wheel Bearing 3rd Generation

Compact, easy-to-install, ABS-ready assembly

Product description:

FAG Wheel Bearing 3rd Generation features a factory-adjusted preload and optimally rigid double-flange design. The orbital-formed shoulder provides proper clamping force and a lifetime of consistent and reliable performance.

Vehicle manufacturers constantly strive to improve performance and handling, while reducing weight and complexity. FAG Wheel Bearing 3rd Generation are maintenance-free and combine all of these characteristics in a compact, easy-to-install, ABS-ready assembly.

The innovative design of FAG Wheel Bearing 3rd Generation with axial spline is a tremendous step forward in wheel bearing technology. The self-centering axial gear teeth are placed on the axle journal and fixed in placed by means of the central screw in the assembly. The bearing remains completely free of the gear teeth during operation.


  • Integrated wheel speed sensor
  • Lifetime lubrication and sealing
  • Reduced installation complexity through double-flange design
  • Bearing clamping force is applied in a controlled manner via the orbital-formed shoulder
  • Proven OE quality from FAG

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