FAG Wheel Bearing 2nd Generation

FAG Wheel Bearing 2nd Generation

FAG Wheel Bearing 2nd Generation with a snap ring

Product description:

FAG 2nd Generation Wheel Bearings provide the proven performance characteristics of the FAG Wheel Bearing 1st Generation with the advantage of an integrated hub flange for mounting brake discs and wheels. The wheel bearing unit is secured in the steering knuckle with an innovative snap ring that also ensures the axial tension of the outer bearing ring. Many of these bearings come with integrated sensors for measurement of wheel rotational speed.

This compact, lightweight, maintenance-free unit combines the cost-effectiveness of a 1st generation bearing with the advantages of an integral mounting flange. The FAG Wheel Bearing 2nd Generation design features a factory-set preload and an innovative snap ring that secures the bearing in the steering knuckle eliminating the need for a retaining ring. The orbital-formed shoulder precisely secures the roller raceways optimizing bearing life and performance.


  • Defined and preset bearing clearance
  • Integration of the wheel flange
  • Innovative snap ring securing bearing in the steering knuckle
  • Flange with internal spline for the driven wheels
  • Orbital-formed shoulder
  • Integrated sensor for measurement of wheel’s rotational speed

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