LuK DMF Special Tool

LuK DMF Special Tool

The LuK DMF Special Tool allows you to perform important measurements

Product description:

Many vehicle manufacturers choose to equip new models with a Dual Mass Flywheel (DMF) – and the trend is growing. The reasons for this are the technical benefits provided by the DMF as well as the need for improving noise comfort while reducing emissions of state-of-the-art engines. The DMF characteristics are precisely tuned to each vehicle.

Always check the DMF when replacing the clutch. A worn and defective DMF can damage the newly installed clutch! When uncertain, always replace the DMF along with the clutch.

A 100% functional test includes, among other things, testing the characteristics of the arc springs in the DMF during compression. The testing must be performed at a special test facility as it cannot be carried out with standard repair facility equipment. However, the LuK DMF special tool allows you to perform important measurements – freeplay angle and rock – in a repair facility environment. The freeplay angle is the angle at which the DMF’s primary and secondary masses can be rotated against each other until load is exerted on the arc springs. Tilting clearance occurs when the rotating masses of the DMF are tilted towards or away from one another.

Additionally, your assessment of the DMF’s operational reliability should be based on the following criteria:

  • Grease leakage
  • Condition of the friction surface (e.g. signs of thermal load/ thermal cracks)
  • Noise behavior
  • Condition of the clutch
  • Loading condition of the vehicle (towing a trailer, driving school, taxi, etc.)


  • Complete, custom tool kit
  • Kit includes mounting manual, technical documentation and case
  • Perform important measurements in a repair facility environment

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