INA OAP Special Tool

INA OAP Special Tool

The INA OAP Special Tool is the essential OAP and OAD tool kit for repair technicians and DIY customers

Product description:

INA invented the overrunning alternator pulley (OAP) in 1995. With a global market share of 85% and over 140 million OAPs installed since 1995, INA is the world’s leading OE manufacturer of OAPs.

This one-way clutch allows the alternator to coast, eliminating the “chirp” sounds that occur with engine acceleration or deceleration and extending the life of the accessory drive belt system.

Always replace an INA OAP with an INA OAP. Each OAP is specifically designed for that vehicle. Any other replacement other than the OE design will cause belt drive system problems, noise, and possible engine failure.

The OAP/OAD (Overrunning Alternator Decoupler made by Litens) should be included in the normal inspection process and inspected every 10,000 miles for wear. In most cases, a special tool is needed to remove and install an OAP/OAD.

A complete, custom tool kit, the INA OAP Special Tool includes three new tools to fit additional alternator shafts common to today’s vehicles. With the additional tools, our kit now fits all OAPs/OADs found in the US and Canada.


  • Complete, custom tool kit for OAPs and OADs
  • Test and disassemble all overrunning alternator pulleys using this set

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