FAG Strut Bearing

FAG Strut Bearing

To ensure optimal road-hold

Product description:

Every drive should take us safe and relaxed to our destination. Especially important for achieving this is a flawless suspension with intact struts. In a McPherson suspension there are roller bearings in the strut that realize steering movement. Besides delivering steering movement, they also help compensate for the weight of the vehicle.

If the roller bearings here are defective, other chassis components will be subjected to greater load and wear down faster.

The roller bearings for strut mounts from FAG are exactly the right component if repair needs to deliver long service life, precision and quality.

We recommend always replacing the roller bearings together with the strut mounts on each side of a single axle.

Note – the trend today is for larger bearing diameters to meet tougher driving demands – some even have direct spring mounts for transmitting greater force with less friction


  • Encapsulated in plastic housing for highest levels of protection against dirt and water
  • With integrated spring seat, depending on model
  • Precision-fit for extremely accurate mounting

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